UN Global Compact for Migration Introduction

The UN Global Compact for Migration  is  a disturbing piece of paper not short of conspiracy.

Until a few days ago ALL countries of the world were about to sign this UN document. Which was an initiative of a guy born somewhere in the Kenya-Somalia border  and who pretends to have been  born in Hawai which supposedly gives him the US passport. His name Obama. This gentleman together with Merkel and other European leaders imported millions of mostly muslim people from the Middle East and mostly muslim Africa to Europe.


Conspiracy in short.

This blogger heard about this UN paper but did not care much about it. Until today when Austria declared with Hungary not to join. the US refused as well.

What is really surprising to this blogger who supported Brexit since the year 2016 is the following.  A web search on the UN migration pact and the key word Italy  and the key word UK or England or United Kingdom does not show any result. Only articles exist on Austria, US Trump, Poland, Hungary, Czeck Republic and little bit Australia.

Conspiracy question 1 ? Why do all the Brexit web sites and Brexit newspapers and the UKIP and UK Conservative Party web sites not show up on the issue. And why does England seem to sign the UN pact ? No disussion just nothing on the web.

Same story with Italy now that the Italian government and Salvini and Conte are not only on an anti- migration course but even on an anti- Brussels course concerning the Italian budget.  Not one web article or link on anything regarding Italy and the UN mirgation pact. This is conspiracy.


Conspiracy question 2 ? What about all other 190 countries. Switzerland for examle supports the UN migration pact whilst strictly staying out of the EU. Many other countries like Japan support the pact why.  Norway seems to swallow it.  Greece seems to need more immigrants how come.


Preliminary comments.

This blogger believes in hidden political forces of all kinds. And this UN migration pact is just one example of how things work.

Even though disussions are going on since the year 2016 and an EU-Africa migration pact was signed in May 2018 which seems to be part of this UN migration pact,  the NWO Wikipedia as checked today lists an article with a few sentences in English, one in Merkels language German and one in Croatian for Croatia which refused to sign recently.

To put it bluntly this Wikipedia articles seem to be written just during last 3 days. Clearly that is conspiracy. And frankly this blogger is well aware of Wikipedia manipulation for years.

Here the saved Wikipedia articles- saved on this blog Nov 3rd 2018. A joke

English  Global Compact for Migration – Wikipedia

German  Deutsch

Wikipedia-Hauptseite migration pact golbal de


Globalni sporazum o migraciji – Wikipedija kroatisch


This article will be enlarged later



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