Tsarina of Prussia Merkel withdraws from party leadership after 18 years

Mrs. Kasner alias Mrs. Merkel has announced her resignation as party boss. The joyful message that the leader wants to leave us after 18 years of Merkel and Stasi dictatorship can not be grasped. Time to buy a bottle of good French champagne.

The dictatorship of the following nightmare comes to an end 1. Stasi rule as in East German times  2. The feminist from  East Germany  3. The neoliberal exploiter and minimum wage hater with Prussian spirit 4. The secret sericice expert as in East Germany 5. The supporter of arbitrary courts and judges as in East Germany and during the Nazi Regime.  6. The supporter of government agencies stealing children from families  7. family destroyer whilst chairman of a conservative party 8. Mass Immigration  9. General Promoter of the Fourth Reich. 10. Low wage expert at levels not sufficient to cover basic needs 11. Impoverish pensioners. 12. Expose the poor full-time workers to confiscation and legal proceedings.

What this blogger could contribute to the end of Merkel  tried but that was not important.

Merkel’s end was clear after the recent state elections in Bavaria and Hesse. She is used to total power  as the Emperor of Russia  or Stalin or Katarina the Great a German who  became the Russian Czarina.  Katarina’s  portrait is not without reason in Merkel’s office. It shows what kind of spirit  Merkel really has. Prussian, people-shattering, pseudo-liberal with much exploitation of the  masses with no rights, feminist and at the same time promoter of Muslim  exclusively male mass immigration.

With this Kaminkaze program she was able to open  Germany’s borders – after more than 10 years in power- to  2 million Muslim refugees.  Whilst  Germans had to swallow that. It took  4 years, before Germans voted her party out of regional parliamemts. And  the  social-democrats with the second  top feminist Nahles at the top were voted out as well at  the Hesse election in 2018 after the Bayern election. Tsarina Merkel steps out accordingly avoiding a slow farewell or even a farewell  in 6 weeks at the party congress in December 2018.

But the main point is: Why struggle  6 weeks till the party congress after fooling all Germans for  18 years ? The party was so beautiful the with Stasi help so perfect with the  help of the Bavarian GESTAPO and th sistaer party  CSU so why spoil it now with struggling for 6 weeks. The show must go on without Merkel. So why moan for six weeks until the party congress? That is not how a Prussian Czarina  acts. Professionally, she waited for the second defeat in a state election in Hesse and explained the day after the election and defeat she no longer feels like beihng party boss.  In the  age of Brexit and with Italy on anti-EU and anti-immigration course, the Czarina is also perfectly aware about the fact  that she would have a very hard time to become  EU President.


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