Bavaria CSU election: Merkels party in power lost as Soeder and  Seehofer

Bildergebnis für csu söder

On Sunday’s elections in Bavaria the ruling party of the Christian Social Democrats CSU lost the  majority but still remains the biggest party there.  On the picture is prime-minister Soeder left a candidate struggling with corruption and authoritarian rule and police laws in Bavaria. Nobody wanted him but the conservative folks in Bavaria did not dare to vote for another party. On the right is the former prime-minister Seehofer currently  federal  GESTAPO minister in Berlin helping Merkel to run the Fourth Reich and to etsablish a GESTAPO EU.  Despite of the loss of the majority nobody considers to step down.  Mr Soeder is a former Bavarian finance minister and he covered up a huge tax evasion affaire, more than 100 Mio Euros were smuggled to Switzerland. Only after a  parliamentary commission in the year 2013  investigated he sent letters to the non-taxpayers  mostly folks voting for his party the CSU and mostly from his home town Nuernberg.
The preparation of the future coalition looks like childs play because he can choose among three parties.  The Free Voters Freie  Waehler who consist mostly of former CSU members and voters and conservative and local patriots,  then the liberals and finally the Bavarian Greens who seem to be eager to rule with the CSU the GESTAPO and NAZI party.  Nobody cares about the fact that the CSU after the war ensured to reinsert all Nazi civil servants and judges.
Foreigners like Germans want to know what happens now to Merkel. And of course nothing happened, so far. Because the CSU will be the main coalition partner both Soeder and Seehofer are playing on time before they will analyse the reasons for the of the  loss of the majority.
In Berlin however the social-democrats get nervous.  They lost 50% of their votes  and ended up with only 9,8 % this time. Some provinces and SPD politicians ask to terminate the Berlin coalition of SPD-CDU-CSU. But it seems it will not happen. By the same token they ask Seehofer to step down as  federal interior minister  but he will not do so.
Clearly  the SPD is frightened and in two weeks another state  election is due in Frankfurt in Hessen.  Even though the SPD is much stronger there  they are scared as is the ruling CDU there.
Politics may seem to have changed after this Bavarian election but due to the  stubbornness of the long-time politicians in SPD CDU and CSU both in the provinces and in Berlin things may continue as before for a while till the end of this year. Then Merkel faces an election on her  party leadership. And  it does not seem that  she as the Fuehrer can  just rubberstamp her next term.