Making profits on old people the new Western philosophy of garbage

An excursus on renting really expensive dwellings to the elderly and making a fortune off of it.

Quelle Zero Hedge click here: La Dolce Vita

Comment by this blogger Stefan Kuellmer:

The blessings coming from the United States are BROKEN FAMILIES that do not care for their parents when old,  mafia-type companies „caring for the eldery“ and pharmaceutical US companies making some extra dime on the ones who are techically and biologically and mentallly dead.

What a wonderful world.

When this US model of economics started 30 years ago in Germany I could smell the rotten system. And of course I hated how the health insurance system was changed. It is all about the profits and the destruction of families.

The tax system and in general the minimum salary system in West-Germany was changed in order to get the profit companies into the game of „caring“. In other words: Nobody can afford to support kids and of course neither  your own parents as a single worker in a family.

Large families with three generations you can only see in India, South America but the glorious US led West is a single household desert or maybe a household with her and him and two earners.

Same story about the kindergarten bullshit. Its an invention of the left-green communist elites. But besides brain washing it is a dirty trick to get the women working of course for miserable pay and part-time.

Anybody with a brain- although not a Western one- knows that grand-parents care for grand-children. And if three generations live in one household or next door or in the same street at least, then this is possible.

Remember: This excactly what the Western governments, universities and the media destroyed and will not allow to happen anymore.

Conclusion: The Western governments are the enemies of the people. Besides a lot of other reasons.


This is callled progress. But I call it NAZI STASI rubbish.

And of course the „West“ hates me for such views and not just because I speak Russian.


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