The American Dream Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2018

Report showing the number of people who are locked up in different types of facilities and why – 2018.

Quelle: Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2018

Commet by this blogger:

I get so many comments on this blog ALL in English and I thought to add this article here about the Mass Incarceration in the USA. Sound just too good to be true especially for the lawyers. Also the stats show that most US prisoners are there before trial. Strange the Land of the Free seems to be operating like in Stalin or Kaiser times. The presumption of innocence OK its just history. Difference between USA and Catholic Inquisition = None.  Seems as if a lot of folks have to pay in order to get out of custody or in order to get probation. I really can not remember how many conspiracy therories I read about the Vatican and the Jesuits controlling the USA. But to be honest the good US lawyer who needs to make money well that seems to be enemy of tzhe people or ???

Believe me as a West German living next to many former and existing US Army bases I know about the great gift the USA gave the NAZI German courts. I mean as if it is not enough to have former Nazi judges after WWII in West Germany as NAZI laws from Hitler times  used in modern German courts, no the way German lawyers behave more and more seems like  they just copied their money making methods from the US.


A big thank you to all Americans appreciate it really after I could see how it really works myself in custody and a psychiatric hospital . Thanks God I got out but believe me the God in German churches did not help me. Some other divine force ended that nightmare.


By the way the movie MOTHERLAND as US production tells me a thing or two about the culture in North America.


Seems as if I need to make it on my own. No help no real support its OK at least im out of custody without a lawyer.

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