Monsanto pays recod fine on Glyphosate Bavaria supports that chemical

„We’re going to see for the first time evidence that nobody has seen before, evidence that has been in Monsanto’s files that we’ve obtained from lawyers and the people in Monsanto.“

Quelle: With „Mountainous“ Evidence on Plaintiffs‘ Side, Hundreds of Cancer Cases Against Monsanto Get Green Light

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In the year 2017 The Chancellor Merkel distanced herself from her Minister of Agriculture the Bavarian  Christian Schmidt on the chemical Glyphosate Angela Merkel did not like that  Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt voted in favor at the EU meeting. 
in the year 2018 a US court has now imposed a US $ 280 million penalty and order to pay for for health damages. see article US court:
The CSU that is the Bavarian coalition partner ruling with Merkel and its Federal Minister of Agriculture have dared to go it alone in this chemistry affair and Monsanto, which indeed produces genetic seeds. The fact that Monsanto now has to pay a record fine of $ 280 million because of this chemical does not fit into the overall picture of the CSU at all. In addition, this decision of the EU not to ban the chemical or restrict the use was very close and thanks to the unilateral action of the CSU which was not approved in the Federal Cabinet Monsanto got its way. This can be seen as further evidence that the CSU protects the  interests of the chemical lobby but above all the Genetech company Monsanto.  Without bribes, the CSU has certainly not made that effor.
Another important aspect of this affair is that – as this blogger and his blog explain to the world – Bavaria rules Germany  and the EU and probably also the world. Otherwise, one can not explain that one party in the Federal Cabinet as a small coalition partner decides alone.  So in  the EU a tight decision was decided in  favor of the chemical industry.
And despite public lecture by Merkel that federal minister from Bavaria  had no consequences to fear  as well as the whole CSU and the CSU deputies in the federal parliamebt.
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