Merkel’s migration fight with her arch-enemy Seehofer leads to political turmoil

Merkel and Seehofer both plunged Germany into chaos. Both ruled in Berlin for 16 years and both wanted 2 Mio refugees as cheap labor the Herrenrasse needs that. Because not all of the members of the  Herrenrasse want to be mixed with Africans and Arabs the ruling party CDU and CSU the Conservatives lost regional elections to the AfD. The AfD will get 15% in Bavaria’s next elections in Sepembter 2018 thus Seehofer and his CSU will lose their majorty there.

That is why the THEATER here happens as described in this article.


Horst Seehofer German interior minister was prime-minister of Bavaria till this year. Since the war his party CSU Christian Social Democrats ruled mostly with a majority in Bavaria where Hitler comes from. The new AfD Alternative fuer Deutschland party already got between 10 and 15% in different local parliaments due to their refusal to admit more refugees.  Opinion polls show the CSU will lose its majority in the coming 2018 Bavarian elections.


Seehofer and his CSU party will do anything to keep the AfD down in the 2018 elections in September. He will risk a split between his party and Merkl’s CDU both form a Conservative Union in the federal parliament called the Union in German.


Seehofer and his CSU will risk an open rebellion with Merkel and her party CDU and the other coalition party in Germany SPD the social-democrats over immigration policy. He will use his powers as federal interior minister to control German borders or at least the Bavarian border. He will stop Merkel’s and former interior minister deMaiziere’s oral orders to let immigrants enter Germany before checking their papers and their right for asylum.

Seehofer will order to send those immigrants back to those EU countries where they entered first on EU territory according to the treaty of Dublin.


What is more interesting is if Merkel will be sacked but it seems Seehofer acted too quickly. Merkel’s party the CDU which does not operate in Bavaria does not seem to skip her. Leading MPs reiterated her support in general only some differ with her on immigration. Needless to say the SPD Merkel’s coaltion party does not even dream to skip her. It is a little surprise to see the statements made by her MPs from West-Germany and East-Germany they are 100% committed to her of course it is like in Hitler times nobody doubts the official leader.


This power play next week will be very interesting. Nobody knows how far the CSU and Seehofer will go and how he will use his powers as German federal minister of interior regarding refugees at the German border.