Seehofer must go say social-democrats and others


German interior minister Seehofer former Bavarian prime-minister rules Germany and Europe as described on this blog. After he resigned two days ago he got what he wanted from Merkel and he decided not to resign. Another day and his fuss making was analysed by his sister party the CDU and many regional bosses outside Bavaria want him to leave the federal cabinet.



Since the federal government consists of two conservative parties and the social-democrats it is clear that any change in immigration policy depends on all three parties. So today most social-democrats in the provinces do not support the recently approved changes. And many want Seehofer to leave the federal cabinet.



Since a lot of Germans are hard-line refugee defenders it seems as if the summer will be filled with demonstrations against Seehofer. The coming days and weeks will be a nightmare for Seehofer his Bavarian conservative party CSU.

German EU commissioner Oettinger wants to keep free inflow of slave labor called refugees

The good old Mister Oettinger who hardly speaks English sits in Brussels as EU commissioner  and wants to keep his EU market for his German cars open for the next 500 years. And anything else is not his concern. Until now. His little darling-policy area called immigrants gets out of control. So he lectures German interior minister Seehofer not to stop the inflow of cheap labor needed for the Stuttgart and Munich car factories. Slave labors are the core of the German export model and the Third Reich was very successful at it. Let’s not spoil the nice export party.

That is in short what it is all about

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Quelle: German EU commissioner warns Merkel allies in migration spat

Bremer Bamf sprach offenbar 46 islamistischen Gefährdern Schutzstatus zu

Jeder der denken kann der wusste das von den fast 2 Millionen sog. Flüchtlingen 10 000 bis 100 000 echte Kriminelle sind die entweder direkt aus Gefängnissen nach ‚Deutschland‘ als Flüchtlinge ‚ohne Papiere‘ entlassen wurden oder die wegen Mord und Totschlag und Raubüberfällen und schwerer Vergewaltigung einige Jahre im Knast im Mittleren Osten oder Afrika gesessen haben. Was hier abgelaufen ist, ist eine schwere vorsätzliche Beeinträchtigung der Sicherheit der Bundesrepublik Deutschland und der Bewohner hier. Leider wird das Thema mit diesen Worten  überhaupt nicht beschrieben. Es geht um Effizienzlücken oder fehlende Fingerabdrücke bei Asylanträgen. Das hier bis zu 100 000 Schwerkriminelle von Merkel, Altmeier, DeMaiziere auch Seehofer und der CSU, dem BAMF und der Bundespolizi eingeschleusst wurden das wird so nicht gesagt. Schade.

Die Bremer Bamf-Außenstelle steht im Verdacht, zwischen 2013 und 2016 mindestens 1200 Menschen ohne ausreichende rechtliche Grundlage Asyl gewährt zu haben.

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Quelle: Bremer Bamf sprach offenbar 46 islamistischen Gefährdern Schutzstatus zu

Merkel under fire over migration office scandal, Europe News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

Picture of article: Merkel in German we can make it we can make it inviting all refugees of the world

The Asians as shown in this this newspaper article  understand quite well what is going on with Merkel and her so called refugee policy. As this blogger predicted it took days before the publicity bomb fell on Merkel the ONLY responsible in this scandal. Germany’s immigartion office just rubber-stamped thousands of applications often criminals from Africa and the Middle East and many files are as empty as the fridge of many poverty stricken Americans and Germans at the end of the month.

Merkel will face the music this time during her so called fourth term remember Obama her Kenya-Somalia friend could not run for the thrid time due to the US Constitution and US Laws.

Never mind Obama and Netflix,  Merkel will try to bargain and her rescue may come from ? France, yes the nice soft spoken Macron sees a big – really big-  opportunity and he will save Merkel for more EU integration.

This blogger is pretty sure that there is not much in the way Merkel will have to endure if she signs what Macron wants.

Besides power politics this blogger will observe the immigration scandal at the immigartion office on this blog and the impact on German security and European security. Keep on visting and reading this blog

Europe News -BERLIN (AFP) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel came under pressure on Sunday (June 3) over a brewing scandal surrounding the office charged with processing more than a million asylum-seekers who have arrived in the country since 2015.. Read more at

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Quelle: Merkel under fire over migration office scandal, Europe News & Top Stories – The Straits Times