Non Public Youth Trial of  fake 15 year really 20 year old Afghan begins after murder  Kandel

This blogger lives 10 miles from Kandel he visted that supermarket two months ago.

Germany and the provinve of Platine protects this muslim murderer who is ion fact 20 years old by declaring his age at 17 years. That means his trial is youth trial with a maximum of 10 years for murder and a cloed trial the public will never know what really happened. Thanks to Erdogan, Afghanistan, Syria and many other ‚cultered‘ countries and regimes Merkel’s Germany is slowly applying the Sharia in Europe.

epa06817663 An exterior view of the drugstore where Afghan asylum seeker Abdul D. is said to have stabbed his former girlfriend Mia V. in Kandel, Germany, 18 June 2018. The trial of Abdul D. is to begin at the county court in Landau, Germany on 18 June 2018. The young man who had been denied refugee

Quelle: Trial of young Afghan begins after stabbing attack in Kandel