Soeder der Korruptions Kandidat zur Landtagswahl 2018 in Bayern

Liebe Rechtsgemeinschaft,

schon lange habe ich Euch nicht so angesprochen denn weil es ja kein Recht in Bayern gibt und ich 2015 deswegen als politischer Flüchtling fliehen musste, denke ich sollten wir den Geschichtsunterricht zur Rechtsfreien Zone Bayern nicht ganz vergessen.

Also ein neues Titelbild meines Blogs und ihr werdet noch mal die nette Mollath Steuerskandal Affaire hier aufgetischt bekommen. Ich meine der liebe Herr Soeder war damals bay. Finanzminister und hat doch tatsächlich wie die ganze CSU den Steuerschäfchen mit ihrem Geld in der Schweiz so gut wie keinen Finanzbeamten seiner bay Finanzämter auf den Hals gehetzt selbst als Mollath dann schon frei war.

Ich weis das da keiner mehr durchblickt. Mein GrundrechteReport Bayern 2018 ist wirklich ein SCHMUCKSTÜCK dazu, weil dort alles was Wichtig ist dazu drinsteht. Und das Beste man braucht nur 80 Seiten lesen und nicht 2 oder 5 Mal dicke Bücher mit 300 oder 400 Seiten lesen.

In den kommenden Tagen wird dieser Artikel weitergeschrieben.


Komisch das die Lügenpresse noch gar nicht kapiert hat das der Steuerhinterzieher- Finanzminister Soeder jetzt CSU Spitzenkandidat ist. Ihr seht ich kümmere mich um das Wohlergehen der Bayern mit diesem Blog und wenn man wie die ganze CSU den Herrn Mollath halt verrecken lassen will weil was in der Privatkasse fehlt bei den Franken in Nürnberg bei den Amigos von Soeder die Mollath eingesperrt haben OK. Also auch Mollath Richter Brixner und sein Sohn Helge der in der Jungen Union in Nürnberg war und damit Soeder persönlich gut kennt- na gut dann tut mir das echt Leid das ich das wiederkaue. Aber es ist einfach zu schön im Landtagswahlkampf Bayern mitzumischen auf diesem Blog.

Mein Ziel:  CSU weniger als 20% Es ist wirklich zu schaffen ihr müsst nur meinen blog lesen diesen Artikel mit weiteren azu und die links dazu und es wird ganz von selbst zur Wahlkatastrophe in Bayern für die CSU kommen.


Macht einfach mit und seid nicht so feige.

The American Dream Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2018

Report showing the number of people who are locked up in different types of facilities and why – 2018.

Quelle: Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2018

Commet by this blogger:

I get so many comments on this blog ALL in English and I thought to add this article here about the Mass Incarceration in the USA. Sound just too good to be true especially for the lawyers. Also the stats show that most US prisoners are there before trial. Strange the Land of the Free seems to be operating like in Stalin or Kaiser times. The presumption of innocence OK its just history. Difference between USA and Catholic Inquisition = None.  Seems as if a lot of folks have to pay in order to get out of custody or in order to get probation. I really can not remember how many conspiracy therories I read about the Vatican and the Jesuits controlling the USA. But to be honest the good US lawyer who needs to make money well that seems to be enemy of tzhe people or ???

Believe me as a West German living next to many former and existing US Army bases I know about the great gift the USA gave the NAZI German courts. I mean as if it is not enough to have former Nazi judges after WWII in West Germany as NAZI laws from Hitler times  used in modern German courts, no the way German lawyers behave more and more seems like  they just copied their money making methods from the US.


A big thank you to all Americans appreciate it really after I could see how it really works myself in custody and a psychiatric hospital . Thanks God I got out but believe me the God in German churches did not help me. Some other divine force ended that nightmare.


By the way the movie MOTHERLAND as US production tells me a thing or two about the culture in North America.


Seems as if I need to make it on my own. No help no real support its OK at least im out of custody without a lawyer.

Bayer also IG Farben will das man ChemieDreck auf den Teller bekommt

I LOVE IT = den Absturz der IG Farben Aktie alias Bayer. Den Frass den man mit der Bayer Chemie herstellt den LOVE ich natürlich NICHT.
Bayer Chart

Wasting my time with fighting German NAZI Laws and enduring irony and rubbish support

Dear friends and readers of this blog,


I keep the comment function open so everything is published. Soon I will put the core issue of NAZI LAWS and a lack of FAIR Trials and corrupt Bavarian politicians in ENGLISH only on my domain which currently is linked automatically  to this webseite So this website will be mainly in German.


What have I done since 2008 or since 2012 or since  2015 or since 2017 ??

Answer: I wasted my time with the internet and with paper letters in order to get my WRONG court decision revised with retrial in Germany. Also considering I was injured 4 times and ended up in the hospital whilst I did not beat anybody and did not even steal a bottle of wine.

And I wasted my time with informing Germany in German and France in French and UK and USA and the world in English about:

a) Exiting NAZI LAWS in Germany and Bavaria and the implications for Europe the EU and England the world and the USA

b)  NAZI type criminal procedures in Germany which translates into  a LACK OF ANY FAIR TRIAL in Germany and Bavaria. This of course is very important in case a British person shall be extradited with an European Arrest Warrant to Germany. It is a perefct NAZI deportation in order to face a trial in Germany with existing NAZI Laws and a lack of any meaninful rights in court e.g. a non-existing criminal procedure that violates the European Convention of Human Rights especially regarding those indicted and in custody.



I am sorry to inform everybody that the support I get for spreading this information in a professional manner via newspapers or television or websites is ZERO.


THANK YOU ALL so much you were really helpful for all those years.

Most biggest THANK YOU goes to all those fake freedom US Think Tanks. Strange this ‚freedom experts‘ do not seem to be interested at all in existing German NAZI laws. Never mind Turkey is in NATO with Erdogan what does the US elite care about it if Erdogan is there ot not. Same about Germany what does the US elite care about  existing NAZI laws in Germany. As long as the US makes money no questions are asked.

Monsanto pays recod fine on Glyphosate Bavaria supports that chemical

„We’re going to see for the first time evidence that nobody has seen before, evidence that has been in Monsanto’s files that we’ve obtained from lawyers and the people in Monsanto.“

Quelle: With „Mountainous“ Evidence on Plaintiffs‘ Side, Hundreds of Cancer Cases Against Monsanto Get Green Light

Beginning of this comment by this blogger:

In the year 2017 The Chancellor Merkel distanced herself from her Minister of Agriculture the Bavarian  Christian Schmidt on the chemical Glyphosate Angela Merkel did not like that  Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt voted in favor at the EU meeting. 
in the year 2018 a US court has now imposed a US $ 280 million penalty and order to pay for for health damages. see article US court:
The CSU that is the Bavarian coalition partner ruling with Merkel and its Federal Minister of Agriculture have dared to go it alone in this chemistry affair and Monsanto, which indeed produces genetic seeds. The fact that Monsanto now has to pay a record fine of $ 280 million because of this chemical does not fit into the overall picture of the CSU at all. In addition, this decision of the EU not to ban the chemical or restrict the use was very close and thanks to the unilateral action of the CSU which was not approved in the Federal Cabinet Monsanto got its way. This can be seen as further evidence that the CSU protects the  interests of the chemical lobby but above all the Genetech company Monsanto.  Without bribes, the CSU has certainly not made that effor.
Another important aspect of this affair is that – as this blogger and his blog explain to the world – Bavaria rules Germany  and the EU and probably also the world. Otherwise, one can not explain that one party in the Federal Cabinet as a small coalition partner decides alone.  So in  the EU a tight decision was decided in  favor of the chemical industry.
And despite public lecture by Merkel that federal minister from Bavaria  had no consequences to fear  as well as the whole CSU and the CSU deputies in the federal parliamebt.
End of this comment on this blogger.



Glyphosat: Angela Merkel rügt Alleingang von Agrarminister Christian Schmidt

Die Kanzlerin distanziert sich von ihrem Agrarminister und sendet ein deutliches Zeichen an die SPD. Merkel wertet das „Ja“ von Christian Schmidt in der

Quelle: Glyphosat: Angela Merkel rügt Alleingang von Agrarminister Christian Schmidt

Nach dem Alleingang des bayrischen CSU Bundesagrarministers in dieser Chemieaffaire der die Chemikalie weiter zugelassen hat in 2017, hat ein US Gericht jetzt in 2018 eine Rekordstrafe von 280 Mio US$ wegen Gesundheitschäden verhängt.

siehe Artikel US Gericht:

Kommentar dieses Bloggers dazu:


Die CSU und ihr Bundesgrarminister haben in dieser Chemie Sache einen Alleingang gewagt und Monsanto die ja das genetisches Saatgut erzeugen einen Freibrief gegeben.  Das Monsanto jetzt wegen dieser Chemikalie eine Rekordstrafe von 280 Mio US$ zahlen muss passt überhaupt nicht ins Gesamtbild der CSU.

Zudem ist diese Entscheidung der EU die Chemikalie nicht zu verbieten oder die Nutzung einzuschränken ganz knapp gewesen und Dank des Alleingangs der CSU der nicht im Bundeskabinett abgestimmt war weder mit Merkel noch der CDU noch der SPD – als weiterer Beleg zu sehen wie die CSU die Interessen der Chemielobby aber vor allen der GENTECHNIK Firma Monsanto vertritt. Ohne Schmiergeld hat die CSU das bestimmt nicht gemacht.


Ein weiterr wichtiger Aspekt dieser Affaire ist das – wie dieser Blogger und sein Blog der Welt zu erklären- Bayern Deutschland regiert und die EU und wohl teilweise auch die Welt. Anders kann man es nicht erklären das eine Partei die im Bundeskabinett ein kleiner Koalitionspartner ist sich über die Koalitionsentscheidung hingwegsetzt, damit eine in der EU knappe Entscheidung zu ihren Gunsten also der Chemieindustrie entscheidet. Und das ganze weder von der BRD noch von der Kanzlerin -trotz öffentlicher Rüge- noch von der CDU oder SPD und auch nicht von der EU rückgängig gemacht wird. Und der betreffende Bundesminister keine Konesquenzen deshalb z tragen hatte wie auch die ganze CSU und die CSU Abgeordneten im Bundestag.

Ende dieses Kommentars dieses Bloggers dazu.


President Trump doubles steel and aluminum tariffs on Turkey as lira plunges

CNBC’s Michelle Caruso-Cabrera reports on President Trump doubling tariffs on Turkey as the country undergoes a currency crisis with the Turkish lira.

Quelle: President Trump doubles steel and aluminum tariffs on Turkey as lira plunges


Contribution of this blogger on Turkey Lira:

Erdogan has been allowed to play long enough as a member of NATO and a member of the Council of Europe, including the European Convention on Human Rights. His brutal dictatorship, like all dictatorships, did not last long. It is in the nature of dictators that they place their family everywhere to make their pockets even fuller. His son or son-in-law as Minister of Finance that was clear that such a country is financially ruined. No free press so no criticism of corruption and nepotism that can not end well.

This comment will be enlarged.

End comment by this blogger

US-Strafzölle verdoppelt: Trump attackiert Türkei – Lira büßt massiv ein

Der amerikanisch-türkische Handelskonflikt schaukelt sich weiter hoch. US-Präsident Trump verschärft mit höheren Strafzöllen die Krise um den Verfall der Lira. Nach der Ankündigung verliert die türkische Währung weiter massiv an Wert.

Quelle: US-Strafzölle verdoppelt: Trump attackiert Türkei – Lira büßt massiv ein


Beitrag dieses Bloggers dazu:

Erdogan hat lange genug spielen dürfen als Mitglied der NATO und Mitglied des Europarates also damit auch der Europäischen Menschenrechtskonvention. Seine brutale Diktatur konnte wie alle Diktaturen nicht lange halten. Es liegt im Wesen von Diktatoren das sie ihre Familie überall plazieren um sich die Taschen noch voller zu machen. Sein Sohn oder Schwiegersohn als Finanzminister das war klar das so ein Land finanzuiell ruiniert wird. Keine Freie Presse also auch keine Kritik zu Korruption und Vetternwirtschaft das kann nicht gut enden.

Dieser Kommentar wird noch ergänzt.


Ende Kommentar dieses Bloggers dazu


Additional comment during the festival:

read in English  here:


This blogger likes the music even though he did not attend the festival. He does not want to prevent the African traders to offer their hand-made items made in Africa during the festival.


Since Germand do not care about the issues stated in the the articles related to this festival  no special acitivities were planned. This is not the appropriate place to discuss this issues.


BOYCOTT ONE RACE FESTIVAL IN BAVARIA IN ASCHAFFENBURG- AUG 2018 Becasue it is the Secret Center of main-stream Nazi culture.

SEE the Web Site including Contacts during the festival. This means human rights in Bavaria there are articles in English during the hopefully not happening music festival. Please view the page several times during the next weeks or enter the RSS-Feed )

1. The tradition of this kind of music has a lot do with the fight for freedom, and social rights and Bavaria was the origin of German fascism and still is the source of a lot of fascist-like policies and developments.

Bavaria is in fact still a fascist country by any objective consideration.

Whoever agrees to party with Bavarians and to attend a festival in Bavaria directly supports the intended illusion that Bavarians are easy-going, law-respecting in the sense of applying human rights, international and open to other cultures, and other positive points.


Bavarians are openly anti-democratic and they try to change the federal German government. They are racist und rude, they do not have any functioning law und court system, they are only open to the world when it comes to money, e.g. their tourism, their exports, they are selfish to death, their economic system is based on low salaries and compulsory unpaid labor, they are rude with other Germans, e.g. teachers from other German provinces can not work in Bavaria, they are extremely nasty at work regarding the volume of work to be done in one hour, they are using civil administration and police to exploit the population for as many unfair fees as possible with the result of the highest government revenues. Aschaffenburg got the negative prize in a trade union study to be the worst West-German county regarding working conditions, and this whilst the unemployment rate here is only 2 % a record low in Germany.

SO HOW CAN Anybody from outside Bavaria attend an African-Caribbean music festival in Bavaria ?

2. In addition THE CITY OF ASCHAFFENBURG is the secret center of the NAZI minded politicians in the ruling Bavarian party CSU and the city is the home of the current hard-line Bavarian minister of justice Mr Bausback who refuses to introduce standard procedures in courts such as appeals and transcripts and other basic procedural rights. He also tolerates torture in Bavarian prisons even in cases that are well documented and covered by the press. He keeps some small thieves in psychiatric prisons for ever and this despite of recent scandals that were covered nation-wide.

3. Aschaffenburg is the home of Mr Norbert Geis CSU who held the post of chairman of the committee on law and constitution in the federal German parliament. He tried to openly abandon all kind of procedural rights in court as well as many rights in prisons.

Mr Geis was the MAIN factor in German politics responsible for preventing rehabilitation of German soldiers who deserted the Nazi army in the Second World War. All of Aschaffenburg thinks like that.

4. In Aschaffenburg judge Buechs puts anybody in life-long psychiatric hospitals even if no crime or offence was committed. Minister of justice Bausback tolerates this.

5. In Aschaffenburg 50% of all foreigners or those with foreign origin are criminalized which is clearly not what the rate of criminals in this group really is like.

6. In Aschaffenburg pregnant women must go to prison if they do not have the money to pay for fines or order of punishments, e.g. money penalties. This is against federal laws. Minister of justice Bausback tolerates that.


YOU SUPPORT THE MOST ANTI-DEMOCTARIC FORCES IN BAVARIA BY ATTENDING THIS MUSIC FESTIVAL IN ASCHAFFENBURG – Do not be fooled by Bavarians calling themselves alternative, or left-minded or not belonging to the ruling party here. What comes first here is the advantage. Many Bavarian teachers looking and talking tolerant and easy are as tough as those in the ruling party when it comes to their advantages, e.g. discriminating other German teachers with Bavarian employment rules.




35% of all residents of Bavaria are in police files even though only 5% have crimminal records or court cases that led to a verdict declaring innocence.

In all other German provinces only 5% of the residents are in police computers which is more or less those who were in court or who were declared innocent by a court or public-prosecutor.







THEY PAID THE PRICE- Their lives, their reputation, their fortunes

Dieser Blogger muss Geständnis ablegen das es keine Gesperrte Strasse gibt in Aschaffenburg

Dieser Beitrag wird noch ergänzt

Hier wird ein Beitrag gezeigt der diese ganzen Machenschaften zeigt und die Bevölkerung wird hoffentlich verstehen das sich nach Gustel Mollath im Wahlkreis des neune Justizministers nichts und wieder nicht geändert hat, das Stasi und Gestapo Methoden bis jetzt ohne Inhaftierung NIE aufhören werden in Bayern . Das Bayern eine rechtsfreie Zone ist. Wie unter dem Stichwort Justizratespiele in dieser oberen Spalte gezeigt geht es um eine abgesperrte Strasse wo kein Auto fahren kann also kann auch keines bremsen und da kann kein Verfahren laufen nach der Logik ! Aber nicht bei Justizminister Bausback.

Was ist das ? Der Mond ? Eine Gesperrte Strasse ? Oder der Strand von Mallorca ?
Was ist das ?
Der Mond ? Eine Gesperrte Strasse ? Oder der Strand von Mallorca ?