Boris Johnson FM and David Davies resign the future of Brexit


Theresa  May gambled too much and wants to stay more or less inside the EU. Her superficial approach towards the common market e.g. a free trade area or a customs union means  a loss of real new trade opportunities with non European countries.

The importance of real economic independence is not seen by May.  Since technical standards from the EU and thus essentially from Germany lead to huge disadvantges for British industry and agricultur an fisheries there is no way to continue with the EU after Brexit in trade as if nothing really happened.


That is exactly what Germany and some others want. To impose their industrial and food standards from Germany and Europe that increase costs and are well known to lead to higher EU prices for industrial and consumer products.


My feeling is that pulling out of the government would not be best option for teh Berxiteers. Let us see how the 60 Brexit Conservative MP will get on the next days.

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