Mostly German supported internet censorship rejected in Strasbourg thanks

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The internet censorship attempt by the ‚Europeans‘ e.g. the dictatorship ruled by the Fourth Reich failed. CONGRATS to all who helped the below examples of some who helped thanks.

Premliniary assessment by this blogger is after reading the German newspapers this morning:

1. Conservatives = German fascists ’supported‘ Censorship.

2. Have not checked yet but I am sure it was the German newspaper publishers and TV station mostly state owned who wanted censorship. Their are the presstitude they decide elections with their ’news‘. So I am very very happy to see the German official presstitude and their owners the publishers being punished by the majority of Europeans represented in the European Parliament,



20 hours ago

This is how your representatives voted today: + = in favour of the ©️ text with and – = in favour of a full plenary debate and possibility to vote on changes in the 2nd week of September 0 = Abstention (p. 7)





Imagine if those images become a reality!! 😱 The proposed directive as it stands, would tighten copyright laws & restrict our freedoms. On 5th July MEPs will vote on it. Call them and urge them to :



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Thank *insert your deity of choice here*, there is some hope in the EU-Parlament. But of course there are still some nutjobs who want to press this dumb filter system. More battles for to come.


7 hours ago


For anyone in wondering who voted FOR the Copyright Directive – & Remember this the next time you have to vote. The Fine Gael party ACTIVELY voted to control and censor your internet



We might have stopped & from being installed for now but still has become a threat to , , & & the is still broken. Solution:



Great to see that the rhetoric „European creatives against US tech companies“ was detected by the majority of the EP. There is no „against“, there is an „we all together“. For press. For content. For access to press and content. without


22 hours ago


Thank you, European Parliament, for voting down the copyright law.



5 minutes to go to . You can watch the decisive vote on here at noon CEST: We need a majority to vote NO to the mandate, so we can have a full debate and changes to the text!



Let’s see if the EU wants to further fuck with their citizens & give their enemies even more fuel. Longterm it will backfire & create more antipathy against established parties. Not smart to attack the fundament of the Internet.



Replying to

is an like what has but for the whole internet. Creating a instead of what we have now 🙁



This author’s original work was automatically deleted from YouTube by an . This keeps happening. Let’s not make YouTube’s terrible policies mandatory for everyone.







This one is huge: – the 5th biggest website in the world, built by the people, for the people – makes a call to stop & .

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