Linke und deutsche Feministinnen also Merkels Helfer wie die TAZ warnen vor Trauer um Bud Spencer!

Weltweit trauern die Fans den am Montagabend verstorbenen Schauspieler Bud Spencer. Doch die Organisation „RosaLuxx.“ der deutschen Linkspartei warnt jetzt eindringlich auf Facebook davor! Betitelt…

Quelle: Linke warnen vor Trauer um Bud Spencer!


Der Kommentar dieses bloggers dazu:

Danke Bud and Terence ich hab in meinem Leben noch nie so gelacht. Was ihr beide in eurem Leben PRODUZIERT habt das kann keiner einfach Klasse. Die Komodien, die super Filmszenen und die vielen Filme es wird einem nie langweilig.

Obwohl ich Italienisch spreche und auch 1 Jahr in Rom gelebt und gearbeitet habe nach dem Studium war mir gar nicht bewusst das hier italienische Schauspieler agieren. Einfach Klasse. Ach und noch was wenn man Italienisch versteht und Filme in Italienisch sieht das ist noch mal eine Erfahrung. Und sicher die Deutschen die mich hassen also Richter, Staatsanwältinnen, Polizisten, Feministinnen die heulen jetzt noch mehr.

Ich weis ihr seid Sadisten und es passt Euch nicht das ihr das nicht wie im Dritten Reich oder beim Kaiser ausleben dürft.


Wenn ich jetzt frustrierte deutsche Feministinnen sehe die die Trauer von Bud verhindern wollen dann kann ich nur sagen kauft Euch ne Flasche Vodka und lebt Euren Boykott alleine aber lasst uns und mich in Ruhe. Das widerliche deutsche Wesen also die Bösartigkeit, die bewusste Laune-vermasseln-Kultur das ist was die deutschen Frauen und auch viele andere sehr gut können. Ich musste das zum Glück nicht mein ganzes Leben ertragen hatte es sehr schön in mehr als 15 Jahren im Ausland in meinem Leben. Hoffe ich muss mit Euch nichts mehr zu tun haben.

German police stage bloody car accident to test morality of motorists (VIDEO) this blogger was tested as well

When a horrific car crash occurs, are most people willing to help? Or do they turn a blind eye? German police set out to find the answer, staging a fake road accident to test how many people were willing to be good Samaritans.

Quelle: Gotcha! German police stage bloody car accident to test morality of motorists (VIDEO) — RT World News

Comment written by this blogger:

The Fourth Reich has nothing to do people and police are bored. Regarding police there is the order to let Millions of Muslims enter the country illegaly and to ignore their crimes once inside Germany. Even crimes such as murder, rape, violent attacks with serious injuries.

That is called the NWO or whatever other nightmare.


Such ‚policemen‘ have to use their time e.g. the day must be filled with some kind of ‚acitivity‘. So they test the Germans with fake crimes or with fake accidents.


Besides several fake accusations and fake indictments during the last 15 years that is after I spent 10 years in Russia, I have the pleasure to endure an ongoing ‚investigation‘ in the province of Saar at the French border. That is where current foreign minister Heiko Maas comes from who was federal minister of ‚justice‘ e.g. Fourth Reich justice of NAZI justice.

So in the year 2015 after I had to flee Bavaria in order not to be in custody for a fake indicment I was in the city of Saarbrucken. And there I found a mobile phone an expensive one for about 500 Euros on a bench in a park in the city. I could still search for numbers and phoned a friend of the ‚owner‘. Later that day I met that ‚friend‘ of the owner ( the police)  in a cafe in Saarbrucken  to retrun that phone. But that ‚friend‘ of the phone owner did not turn up. Instead the friend of that friend turned up and inisted to take that phone. I asked him for an idendity card and he refused. Then he left the Cafe and two policemen wanted to see my passport and they confiscated that phone. They did not give me any paper nothing. They told me I committed a crime. I said no I returned the phone. Three days later I was in Saarbucken and I could see the police approaching me. But there was a fence and they told me to stop because they wanted to arrest me – for that phone which I wanted to return.

Of course I left and because of that fence they could not follow me.

In the year 2018 that ‚procedure‘ is still open in Saarbrucken. That is called fake accusations, fake indictments. It is the NWO everybody is ‚accused‘ by whatever rubbish the cases are not closed for years.  That is Germany.


To conclude: Germany is a crazy place these days and nothing really nothing can be done to change that. It is only possible to avoid all contact with police and  stay away from anybody in Germany who might put you in trouble.


Hundreds of fetishists hold erotic S&M party on German lake Constance birthplace of this blogger (VIDEO)

Hundreds of pleather-clad S&M enthusiasts descended on Germany’s Lake Constance for a boat party with a difference on Saturday.

Quelle: Hundreds of fetishists hold erotic S&M party on German lake (VIDEO) — RT World News


Comment by this blogger:

It is where this blogger was born Lake Constance and this video shows the degenerated German race and especially the guys who seem to live at the border with near by Switzerland, South Germany the provinces of Bavaria and Baden-Wurttembrg and Austria.


Of course freedom of expression must exist. However, as I  pointed out in a recent blog article the hidden percentage of Sado loving folks in Germany is much much higer than anyone images. See my article in German

This article in German is about women from Bavaria and Saxony finishing their ‚love‘ relationships in case their spouse does not agree to Sado games. And after the end of the relationship such women hang aroung with immigrants from Muslim countries. Of course without Sado games at least that is what one would assume that Arabs would not agree to it. Needless to  state that hanging around in German refugee dormitories which are mostly populated with Muslim males can end up in violence or even killings. But lets not get too much in the details. This video on a Russian web site is already disturbing enough.

In real life it is not clear who you are dealing with in Germany. In everyday work or business or travel or school or university environment you can be sure to meet Sado loving people and that is the real nightmare. They hide their true views their true desires and frankly speaking I do not want to be served by a waitress in a restaurant who indulges in her super Sado desires, always assuming one does not have any relationship with such people. So one is not aware who they are one does neither know them nor  their friends nor their families.


Needless to state here that  there are a lot of other strange people around I would prefer to have nothing really nothing to do with.


Be careful in general with Germans and do not risk anything !


Deutschland gegen Schweden 0:1 dieser blogger hat Vorfahren aus Schweden

Glaubt wirklich irgend jemand das ich der  bayrisch-türkischen deutschen Nationalmannschaft als  JUSTIZOPFER von bayrischen Richtern den Sieg wünsche ?
Zur Sicherheit erst mal den Halbzeitsieg Schwedens hier bloggne.
Meine Vorfahren kamen im 30 Jährigen Krieg 1618 bis 1648 als Offiiere von Gustav Adolf nach Deutschland. Also iczh bin stolz auf Schweden.
Bayern abschaffen.
hier klicken Schweden 30 jähriger Krieg

Deutschland gegen Schweden ✔ 23.06.2018 20:00 – Olimpiyskiy stadion ➤ WM LIVE im RAN Live Ticker. Alle Live Daten – Spielverlauf, Spielbericht, Aufstellungen & Statistiken.

Justizminister lieben Staatstrojaner: Bald muss man seinen Computer vor Polizei bewachen

Es war wieder einmal der Freisler Justizminister CSU Bausback aus Bayern zusammen mit seinm FDP Kollegen aus Mainz der diese staatliche Spionage bei privaten Bürgern salonfähig machen will.

Zum Glück macht die Landesregierung in Mainz das nicht mit

Ende dieses Artikels von Stefan Kellmer

hier gehts zum Artikel dazu von anderen:  Quelle: Justizminister und Staatstrojaner: Polizei soll in Wohnungen einbrechen dürfen

German EU commissioner Oettinger wants to keep free inflow of slave labor called refugees

The good old Mister Oettinger who hardly speaks English sits in Brussels as EU commissioner  and wants to keep his EU market for his German cars open for the next 500 years. And anything else is not his concern. Until now. His little darling-policy area called immigrants gets out of control. So he lectures German interior minister Seehofer not to stop the inflow of cheap labor needed for the Stuttgart and Munich car factories. Slave labors are the core of the German export model and the Third Reich was very successful at it. Let’s not spoil the nice export party.

That is in short what it is all about

end of article written by this blogger

Article describing the issue:

Quelle: German EU commissioner warns Merkel allies in migration spat

Immigrantion will be the end of Merkel due to Bavaria and Seehofer

After 12 years in power and after 4 years immigration mess Merkel faces a real threat to her role. Seehofer faces regional elections in Bavaria in October 2018 and immigration is the key to staying in power there with his party. Stubborn Merkal and her immigration supporters form the left and the Greens and from her own party seem to misunderstand what is at stake.

Since Italy will change policy on immigration and even on the Euro things have changed but Merkel and her Comrades did not notice yet.

end of article written by this blogger

Article describing the issue:

The differences over immigration policy between Germany’s Christian Democratic Union and Christian Social Union are also evident among backers of the parties.

Quelle: Differing views of immigrants pose a test for Germany’s coalition government

Seehofer: Jede kleine Änderung bei Flüchtlingen wird boykottiert

Es spitzt sich zu keiner hätte erwartet das wirklich ein Bruch zwischen den Koalitionspartnern CDU/CSU und SPD unter Merkel passieren würde. Die Landtagswahlen in Bayern und die AfD in Bayern heizen Seehofer und die CSU an.

Man sieht es das der Feministenclub Merkel-Nahles-VonderLeyen-Barley darum bemüht ist den Riss zu verhindern. Die CSU macht aber nicht mit.

Zudem ist jetzt Italien auf der Bildfläche aufgetaucht. Abnicken für Deutschland ist nicht mehr. Salvi denkt im Traum nicht daran das deutsche Theater für niedrige Euro Zinsen und Target II Salden mitzumachen. Dafür ist die italienische Realwirtschaft zu kaputt die Jugendlichen dort mit 50% ohne Job. Fast jeder nur befristet angestellt wenn er nicht über 45 Jahre alt ist.

bis hier vom blogger Stefan Kellmer  verfasst

Hier zu  Artikel zum Thema:

Die Kanzlerin droht dem Innenminister bei einem Alleingang in der Flüchtlingsfrage mit ihrer Richtlinienkompetenz. Der fragt nun per Interview: „Wo sind wir denn?“ Und SPD-Chefin Andrea Nahles hat genug von den „Mätzchen“.

Quelle: Seehofer: Es wird „aus einer Micky Maus ein Monster gemacht“

Why Bavaria is dangerous for everybody

Next days I will try to compile this here in plain English watch this category

What is Washington D.C. in the USA is Bavaria in Germany and the EU together with Saxony . I will write this partly on the sister blog ablog on Bavaria which is linked to the domain name

I may upload articles in English on Bavaria directly on in order to make the site easy to read.

This is former federal GESTAPO interior minister for Merkel de Maiziere from Dresden now the GESTAPO minister is Seehofer from Bavaria.

Both provinces Saxony and Bavaria should be excluded from the federal council called  Bundesrat in Germany which consists of he 16 federal provinces.

Maybe the withdrawal of the USA from the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva yesterday is a good example of how to get rid of Bavaria and Saxony.

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